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Why Use AcuSystem for Mold Testing?


Mold spores are everywhere, floating in the air.  They become potentially problematic when physical conditions allow them to germinate into active mold growth.  These conditions are a combination of these three factors:  

  • A suitable surface to grow on

  • An organic food source

  • The presence of moisture

Moisture is the most vital factor, since without it, mold will not normally grow.  So, the usual cause of mold growth is an improper presence of water or humidity.

Beware of so-called “FREE EVALUATIONS”

There are predatory contractors offering such inspections, without performing any scientific sampling, who will try to convince an unsuspecting home owner or buyer of the need for expensive “remediation” work, which may not be needed.  


Why would this be a Wrong Choice?

Because the first step should be to discover what kinds of mold presence is in a home, and what health hazards exist.  This can only be done by air or surface sampling, followed by an EPA-approved laboratory analysis and detailed report.  The EPA has created three risk levels: 1. Allergenic   2. Hyper-Allergenic   3. Toxic The risk to home occupants depends on their personal level of immunity/health.


How can AcuSystem help?

At modest cost, we take sample of air and/or visible suspected mold, which are sent to our certified laboratory for microscopic analysis and a detailed report is then prepared, identifying and rating any risk levels of mold found in the home.  You will then receive professional recommendations if action is needed. Only after this will you know if any remediation is really needed, which must only be done by a State-licensed operator.



Call our nearest location to discuss your concerns and we will advise you further, and explain our procedures and potential costs, and/or arrange an appointment.

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